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Our Services

Surrey Occupational Health offers a professional, efficient and a reliable service. We aim is to provide a positive, long-term impact that help organisations maximise their performance. We offer a comprehensive range of occupational health services for Surrey and the South East.

We maintain high professional standards and are bound by a strict code of conduct including confidentiality, accountability and consent. Working in a multidisciplinary team in partnership with businesses to protect your employees to ultimately increase productivity and profitability.

Pre-Employment Health Assessments

Do you have a pre-employment Health Assessment Questionnaire? The answer is almost certainly "Yes". But is your questionnaire compliant with the new Equality Act, and what do you do when you receive the completed form?

You may be like many employers who simply use their judgement to look for obvious problems. But are you suitably qualified to undertake the review, and will you pick up underlying issues that could be a sign of potential problems ahead?

Equally importantly, could you fall foul of the Equality Act 2010 by withholding an employment opportunity from an otherwise suitable candidate?

We will provide a professional review of the pre-employment Health Assessment Questionnaire, and gives an immediate indication of any concerns, or issues. We would recommend that you use our Equality-Act Compliant Questionnaire, but your own version may be suitable.

After review, we may suggest a pre-employment medical to assess suitably for employment.

Alternatively, if you have in-house resources to review your questionnaires we can provide a full medical assessment as and when you might require it. We supplement this with advice on any reasonable adjustments that may need to be made to the role if there is an underlying health condition present.

occupational health surrey

Sickness Absence Case Management

Short-term absence management
The majority of absences are accounted for by minor complaints, so making small improvements in health and safety performance can offer opportunities to control costs. The savings can often be more significant than many other areas where managers can intervene.

Our service will help you review your current working environment, processes, and back-to-work procedures.

Long-term absence management
An employee with long-term absence can be a significant drain on any business. Our services can help you determine whether a return to work is practicable, and minimise the period that your employee is away.

Typically we would:

  • Assess an employee's capability to perform the job
  • Advise on a support programme to determine an early return to work plan
  • Advise on a likely return to work date
  • Liaise with the employee's NHS General Practitioner and treating specialists
  • Give advice on how to protect the employee's health after they return to work

Health Surveillance

Occupational health surveillance is a continuous process of planned health assessment activities that are designed to detect the early signs of work-related ill health in your employees. It also helps you monitor the effectiveness of other risk control measures you may have in place.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to monitor and acting on any health problems which may arise in your employees as a direct result of their work environment. In some industries, health surveillance is required by law, with compulsory assessments required at specific intervals.

In other workplaces, health surveillance is recommended as good practice, protecting the health of your employees and overall business productivity.

At Surrey Occupational Health we can undertake the following:

occupational health surrey

  • Lung Function Tests (Spirometry)
  • Audiology / Hearing Testing
  • Hand Arm Vibration
  • Skin Inspections
  • Vision Testing

  • Blood Tests
  • Urine Tests
  • ECG tests
  • Drugs & Alcohol screening

Other Assessments:

  • Night Worker Assessments
  • Fork Lift Truck Driver Medicals
  • Pregnancy Risk Assessments
  • Working at Heights
  • Working in Confined Spaces

occupational health surrey

Travel Advice and vaccinations

Overseas travel is not risk-free, but the degree of risk depends on several factors. They include the destination, the duration of the stay, and the type of activity being undertaken.

Our Travel Advice service enables us to identify any personal conditions which may affect the ability of your employees to travel abroad. It enables us to give advice on medical arrangements in the countries being visited, provide all appropriate vaccinations and prophylactic medicines, and help you comply with national immigration requirements. We can also advise each traveller on the precautions to take in the countries being visited.

We have a team of specialist nurses that can assist you either face to face or on the phone. Please contact us for more advice.

Private School Medicals

Dr Saad is a member of MOSA (Medical Officers Of Schools Associations). We currently look after the local school. Our services include weekly visits, school nurse support and advice. We offer a tailored service that will improve health access to the students and staff. Please contact us for further information.

Why Choose Us?
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Additional Services

  • Independent Medical Assessments
  • General Medical Check-Ups
  • Flu and Other Vaccinations

Surrey Occupational Health will look after your employees. Nothing is too small or large, even if you have just one case that is causing you concern, then we are happy to help. Contact us now and let us help.

For pre-employment health assessments, sickness absence case management, health surveillance, independent medical assessments, general medical check-ups, Hand and Arm vibration Syndrome assessments, flu & other vaccinations and aviation medicals contact Surrey Occupational Health.

Whether you're looking to secure a long-term occupational health contract or a simply a one-off service, please contact us and speak to a member of our team.

occupational health surrey
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Surrey Occupational Health
Gilbert House, 39 Woodfield Lane
Ashtead KT21 2BQ

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